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Neca God Of War 2 Pack

This set includes: God Of War ultimate kratos 2 pack 112 game collection; the game's drama; accessories; and more, this set is a top-of-the-line addition to all collection, and will add some extra value.

Neca God Of War 2-pack

This 2-pack Of God Of War kratos ultimate action figure 2 pack is best-in-the-class for any superman or fan, or any time you need a new action figure to play with, the kratos figure is authentication control, so you can than manage his bartering deals with his pals. Plus, at the end Of the set, you can sit down and have a conversation with him about latest news and events in the world, this 2 pack kratos 2 pack figure is just that- an 2 pack. It comes with two figures, each with their own outfit and weapons, and they're not twice the price Of the regular figure! The two figures are different colors and have their own accessories. This is a top-rated action figure for the collection or the individual fan Of God Of war, this is an 4-pack box set Of the God Of War 2. He is a massive figure and is sure to fill the body count Of the game, this is a set that will add some much needed bite to the War effort. The God Of War 2 pack includes two action figures from the line: and kratos, these figures are sure to awestruck parents and children alike. The figure pack also includes toys and accessories for children to explore and play with, the pack is complete with all the base materials, including a river, which can be used in the figure's story line.