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Ozark Trail 30 Oz Tumbler 2 Pack

This 2-pack handle holder for 30 Oz Ozark Trail Tumbler carries on the trend of fun and protection with its durable, all-aluminum construction, this acquired handle holder is a first-rate piece for adding a little bit of personality to your drinkware and mug set-up.

Ozark Trail 30 Oz Tumbler 2-pack

This 2-pack of Ozark Trail 30 Oz pack is exquisite for your next picnic or fishing trip, the Tumbler extends a compatible lid from yeti rambler old style rtic Ozark Trail and can be used with either side to fill with fresh or cold water. The Tumbler is furthermore covered with durable designed for long use, this Ozark Trail 30 Oz Tumbler 2 pack of splash spill proof lid for 30 Oz Ozark Trail rtic yeti rambler Tumbler cup is sterling for folks who ache for a water bottle that will keep your beverage safe and secure. This Tumbler offers a secure lid that will keep your beverage from spilling, and it is likewise practical for people who ache to drink their water quickly, do you need a drink of water when you go on a trail? If so, then this 30 Oz Tumbler is fantastic for you! It offers a spill proof lid and easy-to-use pouring spout. This is an 2 pack of replacement lids for the Ozark Trail 30 Oz straw, the new lids are made of durable and heat resistant plastic and are designed to keep straws in place during long walks or rides.